The Village Witch On The Move

Five years ago, I began blogging as Asheville’s Village Witch for our Gannett daily paper, the Asheville Citizen Times. 300,000 words later, I find myself with itchy feet and wanderlust.

And so I am moving–lock, stock and barrel–onto a new platform. This platform, as a matter of fact.

I may play around with themes for a bit–because I didn’t have such a luxury at my other place.  I feel a little giddy with all these colors and choices and such–like a child in a candy shop. I reckon I’ll get on to the harder stuff–which Witch is which and the Wheel of the Year and the joy of fighting for the First Amendment’s truest expression–as I unpack and settle in.

I’ve packed up all those words and entries from the old place, and I’ll see what’s possible by way of archiving that material.

But a fresh start, on a fine mountain evening–my goodness, that’s a blessing!


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