A Day in the Gardens…plus manure


I am whupped.  I began the day with potentially good news–the glitch in the book cover is resolved and my little book “Staubs and Ditchwater” is one step nearer being published.

We’ll see. I am practicing (sometimes badly) non-attachment, so you may feel free to ignore what I just wrote.

I spent the day in the garden instead. I whacked down a bale of catnip, harvested a bushel of spinach, moved mulch into the summer garden’s paths. That mulch made working in the new kitchen garden a little bit of a tight squeeze, so I’m looking forward to finally digging the final bed in that garden and having a little elbow room.

Then there was the cow manure adventure. We had heard about a place with a big pile of cow manure, free for the taking.

So we did.  Too fresh to be used yet, it gave us a wonderful opportunity to clean out a composting place and bring our composting techniques into a more usable space.

In the evening, we did a little work at Beloved Crone’s garden. The Lerner Tribe has decided to do more gardening and other skill-sharing over the summer months.  It’s nice to be outside as a group and to work on this helpful garden for our friend.

The talk at the UUs in Black Mountain yesterday was a delight, as it always is.  The congregation is very welcoming and I like bringing them new information.  They are endlessly curious and big-hearted.

Tomorrow I vote against the excrescent NC Amendment One and see my poll worker friends.  Then several meetings during the day.  I don’t think I’ll get any garden time until the evening, if then. Just as well, really.  I’m likely to be a tad sore tomorrow.


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