Pagan Unity Festival 2012

Well, friends, I’m back.  As some of you know, I left Asheville last Monday with my friend Star and headed to Nashville to be a volunteer and teacher at Pagan Unity Festival at Montgomery Bell State Park.  We had packed Star’s car as tightly as it could have been with bedding and suitcases of ritual wear, with a case of hoodoo materials for my classes and promotional material for my books.

We made good time and arrived at the Goddess and the Moon, a shop in Nashville that is owned by the festival’s primary organizer, Tish Owen. Hugs, madness, confusion–fairly typical for the last days before a big annual event.  I met a very nice parrot named Cherokee, went shopping in a wholesale warehouse, ate in a terrific Greek restaurant.

We loaded the Uhaul the following day and spent the night at the park, ready to start preparations on site the following day.

It’s a wonderful park–filled with critters.  We spotted deer, skunks, chipmunks, scarlet tanagers, bluebirds, gold finches, geese, groundhogs. The cabins are rustic, solid, decorated with what my grandmother called “mice spice.”  We cleaned and unloaded the truck and set up and got ready for the rest of the staff, the vendors, and the VIPs to arrive.


More about all this next time.  It is nice to be home.


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