Pagan Unity Fest–another bright day

I’m sure you’re tiring of this long report so I will bring you the highlights of the last two days.  I taught one of my favorite classes on Friday–Willful Bane: the Joy of Hex. It was scheduled for the small, cramped smokehouse but someone on the staff said that the fellow who was teaching in the more spacious (and cooler) Pavillion had not yet arrived on site.  I verified that and then happily moved my class there. There was a wonderful tunr-out and I think we all had a good time.

The ritual that evening was created and facilitated by Christopher Penczak and was well-attended (of course) and excellent.  I had taken a nap in the afternoon so that I could stand as Guardian for a group of Wayists from Texas who were doing a Northern European Oracular ceremony.  I haven’t stood as Guardian for many years and had forgotten how empowering a role it is.

The following day was Sunday and we left before lunch for the long ride back to WNC.

All in all a good time, with good company, beautiful weather and terrible food.  I’m pretty sure I’ll go back next year–barring incident or accident.



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