Great Ooogly Moogly

It has been a zoo of a week…and I wish I could say it was because all sorts of exotic and non-native animals have been wandering past my windows.  Though there was an odd moment last night when the cats came in all freaked out about something.  And then there was the odd moment this morning when the crows were shrieking in the back yard, drawing my attention to something down the hill, out of my range of vision.


Black bear?

Probably not.  But I digress.

It’s been a week of small triumphs–arranging for a new ISP and finding a way to keep my old email address, of getting dates and times wrong but still making appointments. My neighborhood help a fun celebration of–wait for it–our newish traffic circle. We had a ribbon cutting and a parade and the requisite talking heads making speaches. It was grand.

And that Transit of Venus seemed to open a hole in the world–a good hole, mind you.  A cauterized wound that can finally do some real healing in the world.

And for me the big thing is that my books arrived in time for next week’s launch party. Now I’m busily packing the pre-orders and finding out interesting things like the best sort of pen to use to sign books.  Something that won’t bleed through the pages or blob up and is easy to hold.

Next for me?  Laying in a supply of mini-Moon Pies.

More tomorrow, I think. Because it has been a long and zany week–and it’s only Thursday.


2 thoughts on “Great Ooogly Moogly

  1. Wish I could make it to your book release and signing, but alas, I’ll be out of town for work. Congrats and can’t wait to read it!

  2. They have lots of mini-moon pies at Dickie’s in Swannanoa…just sayin’ 😉 Congrats on the book, Byron! Hope to be there. Rio’s getting home from a week long wilderness camping trip that day, so we’ll try.

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