Cleaning Up My Website…also, the bathroom

My house is a wreck but my website has been neglected for far longer.  I’ve set aside this day to do some work on both.

If you haven’t been to my site, it’s and it is being refreshed even as I write this post. I’ve had it up for a couple of years but have found myself interacting more on Facebook than at the site.

But there’s a lot of extra writing and ideas on the website and I’ll also be using it to announce new products and workshops.  Please take a look as it morphs and clarifies.

And the bathroom…well, that’s the first place to start in house-cleaning, don’t you think?



One thought on “Cleaning Up My Website…also, the bathroom

  1. Me personally? I start in the kitchen. That room stays clean longer if I take care of it first … ’cause by the time I’m done housecleaning, it’s time to make another meal!!

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