My Full Life

Good heavens, the last several days have been busy. As you know, my little book arrived from the publisher last week and I’ve been prepping the pre-sold ones to ship out.  In addition to that, the Mother Grove clergy group is coming down to the wire to ordination–the first cohort of priestesses from this young and vibrant temple. I met with a good friend who is helping with the book launch on Friday. We went to the Studio Stroll in the River Arts District on Sunday and there was a picnic for the Interfaith Forum on Sunday. Today I mailed out a bunch of books, went to the eye doctor and helped set a batch of feverfew tincture at the Women’s Garden.

Yes, I am a little breathless. Now I’m trying to catch up with my blogs and other writing, prep for the women’s entrepreneurship group that meets tomorrow and actually looking forward to cleaning my house.

Did I mention the shop I’m part of?

Did I mention the Faith-Based Leader Advisory Council that met on Friday?

Meanwhile I am looking with longing at the upcoming Green Solstice. As Pagans, we have so many hinges in the year, in the cycle of the seasons–we have a lot of “new years”. The Summer/Green Solstice is a large hinge in the year.  We have been experiencing the lengthening days since the Winter/White Solstice.  It’s the earliest beginnings of the growing season and we were so fortunate to have a mild winter.

The Summer solstice means that the days will begin to shorten–at least the sunlit parts of the days.  We sometimes refer to it as the time of the Long Dying.  We tend our crops to harvest and then we bring the harvest home in three festivals that begin with Lughnasadh at the beginning of August.

Tending and harvest.

I like the sound of that after so much folderol and busy-ness.  Weeding, harvesting, preserving, preparing. As you know, if you have been reading this blog for a while, I love the beautiful looping cycles of life on this blue orb.  Even as I plan the fall garden, I am thinking ahead to making time to make hard apple cider, to create sweet wine from the grapes in the side yard.

Meanwhile, I got my eyes on those luscious cucumbers twining their way through the garden.



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