In the Cool of the Evening

I don’t do too much weather work any more.  I tend to let Mother Nature decide how things are going to be and then I deal with it.

I had an appointment scheduled for 2 today and my client was running late, so I sat outside a local grocery store w/cafe and enjoyed the breeze.  I often bring a notebook with me, just in case there is some time to write. But today I was a little lackluster and merely sat there, practicing my deep breathing.  After a moment or so, I closed my eyes.

And then I called a storm.

I put myself through a meditation I’ve done in the past and got to a deeply relaxed state. Ah, that is nice, whether you are doing a little job of work or not.

But then I thought of what happens after this reading and meeting this client.  Going home to water the garden.  Watering can by watering can–a good workout, to be sure. But, as I said, I was feeling a little puny and was not looking forward to more exercise.

That’s when I made the decision to see if I could still do it.  Did I still know the smell and the charms and the…magic of all that.

I am pleased to report that my rain barrels were again full when I got home and the garden was well-watered.

More cucumbers, more tomatoes, more peppers.

And I didn’t have to carry water. Today, at least.Image

one of Tom’s bees, in the fresh catnip


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