Remains of This Day

I don’t know if it’s the cool weather or the sweet rain or so many cups of PG Tips this morning but I have swept through the day with good humor intact. I met with one of my private students this afternoon and we had a bright discussion of the First Harvest Festival, which she calls Lammas.  Though I do all my priestess work in the name of Inanna, much of my actual practice is set in the deep roots of my Irish blood.  I always celebrate that first harvest festival as Lughnasadh, or perhaps more accurately, as the Peace of Tailtiu. She was the Fir Bolg foster-mother of Lugh and I use that holy day to consider what a carefully-orchestrated peace could look like.

I’m not much of a peace-nik, as you know, so any excuse of a deep and thoughtful exploration of the concept is probably a good thing for me.

I will be writing more about this holy day as we get nearer to it and I hope you’ll add in your own thoughts on how to celebrate the Harvest of First Grains.

Around here, it’s often with giant squash.


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