An Age-Old Answer Presents Herself

I got up very early this morning and the world is cool and damp.  I’m going to do this as often as possible: get up with the young Sun and do the work–dish-washing as well as writing–that I need to do.  Then I can spend my usual writing time–evening–sitting in front of the fan, drinking lime juice.

Following the cycle of the season, me.



2 thoughts on “An Age-Old Answer Presents Herself

  1. People call Southerners “lazy” and “slow” but we’ve learned to get up early and do the difficult stuff and spend the afternoon on a chaise catching a breeze. Survival skills for the “new normal.”

    • I am re-learning some old culturally-based skills, it seems. Today has been cooler, for which I am grateful. But the heat seems to drag every bit of energy out of me. My garden needs weeding and I could use a mulch run. But tomorrow I have set aside as a writing date. I can hardly wait.

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