A Day Filled With Words

After a quick trip to the bookstore and the car repair place, I mostly spent the day writing. Ah, writing. That thing that I love to do and do rather a lot of but there is something about a day dedicated to writing that makes with world a different–and better–place. I had a magazine piece due, had an edit/rewrite that the editor was waiting for and, of course, there’s the book that I’m slowly working through.

That’s a job of words, even for a Blarney girl like myself.

I finished both those pieces and did an online tarot reading, too. I’m feeling so pleased with myself that I’m here now, too.

Used to be a once-a-day blogger, me. But something about moving the blog to this new place just as my book was being published has put me off my game. Gosh, it wasn’t all good, that every day blogathon. But I’d like to get back to the place where I think through the cycle of days and share it here.

I made a good start today but…I have those other blogs to get up to date, too.

No rest for the wicked, as they say.


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