Stole It Today

I had coffee with some dear clergy-friends today and we talked about what our congregations were up to. I talked about the upcoming ordinations and they were nodding in sympathy. So many details, so much to do before Friday. My friends are all dealing with various stages of building projects and I envy them that a little.

And I think they envy me the freedom that comes from not having a building project.

This morning, I met one of the new priestesses at Mother Grove and we worked on the clergy stoles. I lost a week last week because of my sweet sick kitty, so we’re behind on having these done. And–oddly enough–there isn’t a Pagan clergy supply place where we can order the perfect stoles.

That will come as our religions keep growing and becoming more mainstream. If they do.

It’s mostly finish work tomorrow and I’ve done a check in today about flowers, food and RSVPs. We’ll probably make some kind of order of service for our guests and will whip that out on Weds or Thurs. Certificates will get printed about the same time.

We have four wonderful priestesses standing with us for the ceremony and I need to check in with them, too.

It’s good honest work and I’m happy to do it. And will be even happier for a good night’s sleep.

And today is sacred to great Hekate–or so I understand. She’s a powerful figure amongst modern Pagans and Goddess worshippers and I am pleased to honor Her on Her day. May She bring you both wisdom and discernment.


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