Like Landing the Mars Rover

The truly gifted woman who has designed our ordination certificates has been busy and very patient tonight. We had a few word changes for the text and she changed those over speedy quick.

But then…there was the problem with the border on the paper.

Naturally, if one is graduating from a training program, one is given some sort of paper to wave about under other people’s noses. We are no exception, at Mother Grove Goddess Temple. The priestesses picked out some shiny paper and our designer put it all together in a very impressive and beautiful way.

The only problem is that she is at her house with the design and I am at my house, with the paper. First we had to deepen the margins to account for the shiny border. Then the text was too near the top border. Then the places where the Circle of Council is supposed to sign were too near the bottom border. Then the whole thing was off center. Then..

You get my point.

Our designer-queen was patience itself as we went back and forth, tweaking, moving, swearing a bit. I started to imagine her with that cool mohawk, like that cute NASA scientist.

It was actually kind of fun and a nice change from sewing, which is what I spent much of the day doing. In case you are keeping track–no, the stoles are not quite finished. Soon, though–there is light at the end of that particular tunnel. I’m putting mine off until last because I have my original stole. If I get too tired to do a matching one, I can do that in some mythical future that somehow has more time. The priestesses are doing the finish work on their stoles so they are out of my hands now.

Stoles away. Curiosity landed on Mars. Tomorrow morning, I’ll continue the grape harvest.

Some things can’t wait until after the ordinations, you know.


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