Gone to Water

Healing is all the rage right now. Personal, physical, psychic. The planet needs healing, the political party needs healing, some unloved baby on a far continent needs healing.

To heal, to be healed, to bring healing. To make whole.

It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, you know. You get yourself some big-time healing, it might involve snakes or strychnine. You lay your soul at the feet of some Divines and they will lay a whupping on you and call it extra-good healing.

You manage to get over whatever thing it is that keeps you from doing your best work ever and then…shoot, then you don’t have an excuse for not doing your best. All those years of blaming “your” headaches or “your” chronic pain are over, child. No wiggle-room now. You’d best get on with changing the world, if that’s your desire and aim.

Some tribal people–Cherokee being one–get deep healing from going to a source of moving water. To a creek or stream or river. Going to water–we do that to remember who we are and to wash away the filth of the dominant and dominating culture. We go to water to feel the coolness of it–cool water against the hot blood inside our flesh. We go to water in some European traditions to commune with the Other Worlds, to peer through a portal, to gaze down our spear into the land of Youth, to dream of a place of comfort and peace, to dream of applelands and Tir Nan Og.

I went to water this week and remembered. I lay in its arms like a child at mother’s breast, like a young lover, like a dying soldier. Water blessed me and cleaned me and reminded me of my littleness and also of my power.

Water did not speak of obligation of responsibility. Water gave me a choice to float or sink. That’s all. No judgment, no cajoling. Water spoke to water-self, sun and cloud above and Isaac on the horizon.

I maybe got some healing and I maybe came away with a cleaned-out head and water in my ears for a blessing. I went to water this week and washed away death and disease, and grief that flows like a spring branch. Don’t fool myself that they’re gone forever.

But the water was a blessing in a world filled with banes.


4 thoughts on “Gone to Water

  1. I wondered why I have been feeling the pull to go back to the beach lately. Thanks, Byron. Beautiful words. Now if I can figure out how to GET there. Time, mostly.

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