Wondering, as I wander

Generally speaking, I am a strong multi-tasker. All those years of running a theatre company and switching hats all the time made me confident about holding many ideas–often conflicting ones–in my head and heart.

As the seasons change this year, I find myself longing to stay home and read a good book. That’s all. Not finish the canning or put the gardens to bed or even clean the bathroom.

Simply read a book and dream of emigrating to the British Isles. Election season, you say? Perhaps. I know that there are things that touch my heart that don’t seem to make it to an exploration in writing, which is unusual for me.

I tend to blame it on the lack of exercise for the part couple of weeks. I’ve been active but not taking those ferocious walks or digging ditches or hauling vast timbers out to the caber field.

Okay, I never did do that last thing.

I’ve been doing some writing and more editing. Spent good and high quality time with friends who are dear to me. I have a wedding to officiate in about a month and another to attend. I’m going to western Kentucky to hag out with a bunch of rootworkers over the Equinox weekend.

And I need to prune the MacIntosh tree.

I’ve made a good list and have been trying to keep track of everything in my calendar. But September already looks like October usually looks and October is looming…so close, so near the end of the old year.

With all the deaths and challenges and changes, I will have to be very strong, very grounded for Samhain this year.

You, too.


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