Too Dry to Plow

Because life is sometimes sweeter than you expect it to be, I had some time in the garden today.

I cleared out two beds in the kitchen garden, necessitating the harvest of a half bushel of mugwort. The soil was so dry–I haven’t watered that garden in several weeks–that I added compost to it, dug it in and then watered the soil.

You might think that watering the soil is a euphemism but one of the secrets of good gardening is that you don’t water plants when the weather is dry. Ideally you keep the soil at its best–moist, fertile, friable–and the soil tends the plants. We tend the soil and the soil takes are of the rest, including taking care of us by supporting the plants that feed us.

The afternoon got cool and a little overcast and I was hopeful for a little rain. That seems unlikely now, so I will go out and water all that lovely fertile soil again this evening and hope it is ready to plant tomorrow.


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