Holding Myself in Patience

As I wrote earlier this week, I am supposed to be travelling to a festival tomorrow. I am mostly packed and have reviewed the notes for the workshops I’m teaching. I have downloaded the driving directions–west on 40, turn right at Nashville–and found my cool chair with the roof.


I found out last week that a couple of local folks who had registered for the fest ages ago had decided against going, but hadn’t told me that. So I was sad about missing out on time with them.

Then on Saturday my car started making a Funny Noise. Didn’t seem to affect the running of it, so I resolved to take it in to my Most Excellent Mechanic on Monday in plenty of time for a fixer-up.

They told me yesterday morning it was the water pump–no worries. But when I went by last evening to pick it up, he shook his head–wasn’t the water pump, wasn’t the belts, wasn’t sure what it was. Check back tomorrow.

Er, today, that is. The day before I’m supposed to head west on 40 and turn right at Nashville. Eeps. So I called my travelling companion to let her know where we stand and she was feeling a little iffy about leaving town. We left it that we would evaluate the situation once I know something about the car and make a decision then.

All of this is to let you know about the uses of magic in situations like this. If we are talking about shaping reality through the use of energy, how does one know what to do in any given situation? Do I push it here and head west? Do I ask that I have clarity on the appropriate outcome to the situation? Do I take this as some sort of omen that it is best to be here, in the heart of my community for this holy day?

So I am holding myself on this fence, leaning neither here nor there and tring not to be anxious and disappointed. I have been saying for many months that the time we are living in is not conducive to our lives being either simple or easy–and that we should all be grateful when something is as simple as you first thought.

Ah, your Village Witch–living the dream!

Anyway, it’s Talk like a Pirate Day, so if you are into that, have a go. Years ago, when we did this at Accent on Books, a friend sadly told me that pirates are real things and they are very dangerous. She sucked the fun right out of playing pirate but I understood that because her lover was a boat guy down in the Florida Keys.

After 9/11, everyone was flying little American flags, sometimes on their cars. I wanted to express my sentiments about how my country moves in the world and I got a small pirate flag and put it on one of those car-window holders.

It was great fun.


2 thoughts on “Holding Myself in Patience

  1. In the past week I too have been asking myself about which direction to take and through similar circumstances have been reminded it is not simple or easy, even with hard work and good planning. Thanks for posting, fly that pirate flag!

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