Bejeweled and Bedizened

 you can see the beads from last year in this pic


My grandmother–my mother’s mother–was a great wearer of costume jewelry. She had dozens of pairs of clip-on earrings–earbobs–and many had glorious great necklaces to match.

She worked in retail for many years, starting out in a local hardware store and finishing her working life at an Eckerd’s Drug Store where she specialized in the tobacco and photography departments. She was always beautifully turned-out from the top of her bobbie-pin curled head to the tips of her high-heeled shoes.

One year i wore a different pair of her earbobs every day throughout the month of October. Every time I chose the Pair of the Day, it reminded me of her wearing them and I could see her sweet face every time.

As a result of that delightful exercise, one of the reminders I set for myself during this busy, holy time is to wear several elasticized bracelets on my left wrist. This year’s are orange beads but it varies each year. Throughout the month, I share these bracelets with clients and friends who share their own Ancestor work with me. And they always remind me–as I put them on in the morning and wear them throughout the day–to listen to those quiet voices and to recall the stories I know of their lives.


2 thoughts on “Bejeweled and Bedizened

  1. Dear Byron, I would love to know what to do if, sadly, all the ancestors that you know, were pretty awful, not only to you, but to everyone in general??

    • Marcianne, this is my experience with Family members becoming Ancestors. When they become spirits they look back on their lives here, it’s almost like a lost weekend. The worst of them actually become some of the best allies because they feel they have a lot to make up for. It’s hard for those of us who experienced their abuse to accept that, but I’ve found it to be true again and again.

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