Life in the Midst of the Long Dying

We moved the peonies and liriope grass today. We were trying to beat the cold front that has now arrived, so we worked pretty fast.  It required renovating a garden bed that has needed attention for some time.  It got cleared and dug, then amended with aged cow manure and some organic fertilzer-in-a-bag.

I broke apart the mother peony and divided her into about a dozen healthy tubers.  They were planted toward the back of this new bed and a row of liriope went in the front.

It necessitated moving my primrose, too, and she is now happily settled in a bright corner.

We put a semi-circle of liriope near the steps in front of the house and it looks very nice. I think some new tulip bulbs will go in the space between the curve and the existing bed.

Then, for fun, I dug the last of the potatoes and pulled some beets. I planted two more short rows of onion sets and some corn salad, to see how it winters-over. There must’ve been a tomato in the composted soil that I moved into the kitchen garden because there were fat tomato seedings amongst the chard.

Being out in the wind and the damp always enlivens me. Getting dirty and pulling weeds is always a blessing.  At this time of year, when the winter is looming so near my back door, it is good to remember that the Earth is rich and generous and there is nothing to fear.


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