Treating with the Dead

I’m putting the final touches on a class I’m presenting at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference this weekend. It’s called the Long Black Veil and is an overview of ancient/modern traditions having to do with dying, death and mourning.

Samhain much?

I started with a simple list of the things I do when I am privileged to walk with someone as they are taking this road. And it is a privilege. It is intense and sometimes hard, it is beautiful beyond imagining and powerful as no other thing in life can be.

People are sometimes called to this service–acting as midwives for the dying process. And some are thrust into this role because they are tending the needs of someone they love.

There are so many details at these times but the real thing to focus on is true and loving attention to the person who is on the road. Hear their words, listen to their hearts, meet their needs as best you can. Be present and gentle with all involved, including yourself. Practice loving-care–even to yourself.


2 thoughts on “Treating with the Dead

  1. As a once child of a terminal parent and a nurse with hospice experience, I am sad to miss this presentation/ class. Hoping you will share some of your writings on the subject here..

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