Speaking of the Dead

Last night, Accent on Books–my favorite indie bookstore–played host to me doing the Turnip Show, AKA the Ancient Secrets of Hallowe’en. Yes, I carved a turnip into a jack-o-lantern and a helpful young man had matches so we could light the wee candle. I talked about ghosts and Ancestors, about Irish-Anglo politics and the European Inquisitions. We even counted to 10 in Irish Gaeilge.

This afternoon was a different story, though it was about the Dead. I was grateful to be part of a truly interfaith panel for a conference at Lutheridge. We were asked to spend 3 minutes talking about our traditions and what our tradition’s customs are concerning healing and death work.

It was a terrific experience, including the drive down there on this lovely day. The audience consisted of music therapy professionals and we talked as colleagues about the needs of Earth religions-associated patients in those dark, intense hours.

There was a sweet and funny moment after I had spoken of the idea of Deity as plural and many-gendered. I referred to myself as a polytheist and a couple of speakers later, a Presbyterian pastor remarked–I don’t think I’ve ever been on a panel where I got to say “I am a monotheist.” We joked afterwards that we could have a radio show.

I kind of think that’s a good idea.


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