To Sleep–Perchance to Dream

my bower at the herb conference

My clients, friends and co-religionists are reporting an onslaught of vivid dreams.  They are visiting with distant relatives and friends.  They are traveling to far-flung places. They are waking as tired as they were when they went to sleep the night before.

It is not unusual to have particularly vivid dreams in the months that precede the Winter Solstice.  It could be that it is physically darker then and it is easier to get to a deep dream state.

Or it might be that the veil between the worlds of matter and spirit is ragged-ass thin and all sorts of spiritual earwings get involved in our REM cycles.

It may also be that the world–even our fat First World–is fraught and complex right now and our brains are working things out when we are the least distracted.  Or it could be a bit of all of these, with a dash of other things I don’t even ken.

Mugwort is my herb-o-choice for dreams and dreaming.  I do a sachet pillow for the inside of the pillowcase and it seems to even out dreams–make the night terrors gentler and bring the dull dreams to a technicolor brilliance. Many of us work through things in our dreams and wake with our cuppa tea in the morning to discover that the sticky problem has a simple and elegant solution. Thanks, Sub-conscious! If you are having troubling dreams, I encourage a little sachet of mugwort.

But I also encourage the keeping of dream diaries–places to jot down those fragments of memory as you wake and see if you can spin them into a web of meaning. These are the times when the Ancestral voices have much to tell us–but we often need to have some quiet to hear them.


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