Bread-and-Butter with My Ancestors

I got a couple of big projects done today and am now getting myself re-focused on my Samhain prep. There was also a little drama today about a little piece in the food section of our local alt weekly.

No matter.

The cat is sleeping on top of the printer, the soul cakes are on the cooling rack and I’m looking over the ritual for tomorrow night. Earlier today, I got a couple of warm loaves of bread at a local store. While I was baking this evening, I buttered a couple of slices and put them on my Ancestor altar.

Soft butter, terrific bread. I also opened a beer and left it nearby. And while I was inventing these little soul cakes for tomorrow, I was thinking about my great-grandmother, who lived down the hill from here. And about my grandmother, who lived in the grey house that is even closer.

I thought about them baking on wood stoves and what their lives must’ve been like when they got an electric stove and didn’t have to worry about kindling and wood for the stove. Were they happy or did they find the new stoves unsatisfactory–not getting hot enough or maybe getting too hot? I wondered if they burned the first batch of biscuits.

And I remembered to be grateful for all I have and for how easy my life is. Gratitude. All gratitude.


This is my great-grandmother with her mother.



2 thoughts on “Bread-and-Butter with My Ancestors

  1. Lovely post, BB! I think about my grandmother, especially when I bake banana bread by her recipe and cool it on her wire racks. Or when I iron her linen hand towels, embroidered with her initial.

    • Thank ‘ee. They seem so close sometimes–especially since I live in their neighborhood. I see the house where my mother was born and the empty lot where my great-grandmother’s store stood every time I leave here heading either west or north.

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