Season of the Witch

I’m always happy to celebrate the old New Year because it means that October is done. Don’t get me wrong–I love October and always have. But as a public Witch and a Wiccan priestess and a writer and all that jazz, October becomes a very demanding month.

Lots of people want to talk to a “real” Witch, even if they don’t know exactly what to say or how to say it. Case in point was an article in our free alt weekly, the Mountain Xpress. It appeared last week and it was written by the paper’s food editor. She was going for the foodie angle with three local Witches.

She was nice to talk to and the article turned out okay. But there were these odd things like she thought I wouldn’t drink coffee because I’m a Witch. She described my scarf (an orange and black keffiyah) in great detail as a Hallowe’en-themed scarf. Things like that, nonsensical things that had everything to do with a stereotype that persists in this season of the Witch.

We balance it every year–wearing “witch” hats for photos, while attending to the work that we do all year long. We are marrying people and burying them. We are counseling and creating rituals. We are honoring the Divines we serve, as we sew Hallowe’en costumes for our kids.

We are Witches all year long and I am always curiously relieved when the annual Season is finally over.


2 thoughts on “Season of the Witch

  1. I’m not in the public eye but I do get inundated with requests for readings this time of year, in addition to all the mom/ spouse things;my youngest is an October baby, so there is also birthday stuff to attend to. I feel like a wrung out dishrag right now. I too am relieved to be done for another year.

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