A Thin Veil and Full of Holes



I was part of a private Samhain ritual tonight that included a deep meditation and some trance work. Following our work together, each person in the group spoke of their personal experience and visions. And then we had some pie.

It seems to me that this veil we often speak of–this veil between the world of matter and spirit–hasn’t really been much of a boundary for a long, long time.

Tonight seemed to prove that again–as if we needed another experience of hearing the voices of the Ancestors and the Beloved Dead. But if we have access to these long and old memories, what do we do with the information that comes to us in meditation or on the autumn wind? Can we trust what we seem to understand from such dubious sources?

I believe we can. My experience in this arcane kind of listening has shown me that I often hear what I need to hear–whether it’s the addition of maple-syrup to Grandma’s pumpkin pie recipe or the chance to jitterbug with the grandfather you never knew.

Winter is upon us now, as reckoned by the old calendar, and the Long Dying of the Year continues now until the Solstice and the rebirth of the agricultural year.  Listen carefully in these times of growing darkness and see what is revealed to you.  Make a list. Keep a record. Be prepared to be surprised by what you learn about yourself and the world around you.


2 thoughts on “A Thin Veil and Full of Holes

  1. I too have felt that this veil has not been very thick for at least 2 years. The dead have been more frequent in my life, and not just my own dead. Oh no the dead that hear from others that I can see and speak with them like to show up at different hours of the night and day. Usually its the night when I am fast asleep in my bed, and I am woken due to the weight I feel as someone lets themselves down on my grandmother’s quilt that I have pulled around me. I think some of them just like to know that they can be heard, and these spirits are usually happy to reside wherever their spirit song takes them. Others though have a lot of worldly emotional baggage that they need to open and share. These spirits can sometimes be the hardest to deal with. Especially when they feel like I am inviting them to stay and hang around just because I let them air their dirty laundry to me. Mostly though they come, and talk, and I listen, and then I assure them that they can always see and hear their own loved ones if they are worried. Or if they feel to hurt or if they feel they have hurt their loved ones too much I have written a letter anonymously and mailed it off to the people I have been directed to. Thankfully, that is not the usual with the spirits.

    Concerning the information we receive, and the trust we put in it. I think now is the time to put the most trust in the whispers from the wind. I had a particularly moving, (and I mean tears flowing), ritual between myself, the land spirits, the ancestors, and another entity who must remain a secret at the moment. This ritual happened in a moment of clear inspiration that was whispered in my ear by my spirit ancestors (not my blood ancestors). I have received some much needed information that I have allowed to slip by unattended for far too long. It was an emotional journey last night in my yard alone with my witches’ stang and cloak spiraling around myself as I crossed the hedge.
    A mighty wind was blown and with it knowledge, visions, tears, blood, and hope.

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