A Day in the Garden


Earlier this year, I became one of the people who took on the task of tending the Women’s Garden at Herland, on behalf of Mother Grove.  The house and garden belong to our community’s Beloved Crone and we like to spend time with her.  Our book group–the Lerner Book Tribe–meets there once a week.

It’s a big garden and we have big plans for it. But big plans in a garden require lots of time and lots of people-power.  The weeding got away from us this growing season but we did manage to harvest cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuces, herbs, green beans and some squash.

We are very blessed this fall to have the help of a group of college students who are taking a women’s studies class.  The class walks over one afternoon a month and they work really hard.  There are about 16 of them, and their professor, and it is my challenge to keep them busy for almost 2 hours.

Last time, they weeded all the weed-filled beds and then we ate pizza and talked about the Divine Feminine.  Today, they set to leaf raking and we cleaned the planting beds and got them ready for the winter-over planting that will happen sometime in the next week. We worked for almost two hours and then we ate soup and discussed the Gaia hypothesis.

We are creating a women’s center as we weave community and it probably needs more volunteers and more in-depth attention. But for now, I am filled with gratitude for these hard-working students and their teacher.  And for a beautiful cool-but-not-cold day in which to make one more step in the right direction.

Now I am planning an orchard, some solar panels, a small wind turbine. But I need another and regular small army, like the one today. An army of happy and hard-working gardeners.  That’s the sort of army I can definitely support.

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Garden

  1. I might could be persuaded to help…I come back on the 27th and it would have to maybe be during school hours, but perhaps. Let’s talk then? If you wanna?

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