Water, Dust and Gaia

I tormented myself last night by watching two documentaries back to back. One was about the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. To hear the pitch of their voices as the people recalled the power of the water and wind was shocking. They weren’t ready in any sense for the extreme nature of…well, of Nature. Several of them recalled previous warnings that amounted to little more than a heavy rain and scattered power outages. So many people thought they could withstand it, could hole-up and make it through. And they were terribly wrong.

The second documentary–and I am watching the second part of it now–was the latest Burns’ documentary on the Dust Bowl. A series of disastrous decisions and actions led to an enormous catastrophe for the land and the people. I recalled our recent drought-filled years and the drought that still plagues Texas and other places.

Flood and fire, wind and human greed and stupidity. Evidence shows us that we humans don’t learn lessons easily and the lessons of the Dust Bowl years should be reviewed every few years so that we don’t forget and don’t assume that we have the technology or the wisdom to never face that again.

To never inflict that again upon the rich and giving soil of our land–can we manage it? Can we engage in action that preserves the very land that sustains us? I have my doubts, friends. I do not live in the oasis of much hope.

And then today a friend wished my a Happy ThanksGaia and I found a genuine smile lurking around the corners of my mouth. Thanks to the land that supplies all we need, in spite of our neglect and abuse and disconnection.

Happy ThanksGaia to all of you. May we all remember well.


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