Another Long Evening With Friends

If you have been following my blog this year, you know about my long-term relationship with the Buncombe County Board of Education. Yep, I’ve been to almost every meeting since the one in January of this year, have attended private meetings with the interfaith group, the superintendent and communications director and have served on the Faith-Based Leaders Advisory Council. I have viewed a cool video on the Three Rs–Respect, Responsibility and Rights.

Tonight was the December meeting–a few days earlier than the usual first-Thursday-of-the-month. One of the things on the agenda was a direct result of the months of meetings and discussion and tears and compromise. On January 16th, the schools’ faculties will find ways to incorporate the commemoration of Religious Freedom Day into the Standard Course of Study for NC public schools.

The bigger and more controversial issue is the plan–at this point–to do an open house at each of the system’s high schools in which non-profit and other neighborhood orgs can present information about their child- and family-related programming.

A mess waiting to happen perhaps but certainly a compromise by all parties. The US Congress should be so good at coming to an uneasy agreement as these groups have been. No one likes the idea but no one is willing to back down.

So we’ll try to set some parameters and rules and whatever and we’ll table at some cold weather, after-school event. Mother Grove will unveil its gorgeous nature-based curriculum for Goddess worship.

Yeah, I used my three minutes of public speaking time tonight to honor my alma mater (Enka High School Class of ’74–Go, Jets!) and to trot out my personal credentials, lovingly articulating the triggering words “Pagan”, “Wiccan”, “high priestess” “clergy at Mother Grove Goddess Temple” and then to carefully articulate how thrilled I am to present our Goddess curriculum to the children in the Buncombe county schools.

I thought some folks’ heads might explode. I giggled.


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