So Many Wreaths

door wreath 2012

The Mountain Area Interfaith Forum met last Sunday afternoon and one of our topics of discussion was the holy days that brighten this time of year. One person spoke briefly about Hanukkah but the main part was given to Advent, presented by a dear Episcopal friend. She brought a pretty Advent wreath and explained the season of waiting and expectation to us.

It was really lovely.

When it was my turn to talk about the Winter Solstice, I spoke of the agricultural year and the trappings that came into the cultural Christmas celebration through older European custom.

Her Advent wreath was the jumping-off point to talking about the Wheel of the Year and where “jul” comes in. And somehow it inspired me to work with my own wreaths and…I went a bit mad. I fluffed up the door wreath and added ribbon and golden balls. Then I put a wreath on the screen door that is simple in the extreme, with a few flowers and a bow. I took the standing wreath hanger out into the wooden planter-box (the one with feverfew run amok) and I made another small wreath for that. Then I found a grapevine circle crafted from long-ago prunings of our dear old Concords. It became an Element wreath, with clutches of small roses at each quarter–yellow for East, red for South, pale blue for West and white in the cold North.

I’m out of doors now and it is hanging on the wall beside the door, below the “Welcome” sign.

So many wreaths!


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