The Dichotomy Present in the Branches of the Hazel

solstice decro on witchhazel

I had an interesting dream last weekend and, in the way of some dreams, it stayed with me. When I closed my eyes during the day, I’d see an image behind my eyelids of small shiny golden globes, hanging from the branches of a tree. Not an ever-green pine sort of tree, as one might expect. The branches were skinny, knotted fingers clutching bunches of dried brown leaves.

Oaks do that, of course. They hold onto their dried leaves until the spring brings the fat new buds. And outside my front window there is a compact plant that does the same thing–and it protects its winter blooms with its long brown leaves. It’s blooming now, in December, this witch hazel tree–bright sketchy-looking flowers will continue blooming for several more weeks and on warm days the scent will be sweet and light.

I got some small “shatterproof” balls, golden and many with glitter. Ugh, glitter. I’m not a fan.

Today was a warm and sunny day here and I spent part of the afternoon pruning the roses and putting the tiny suns on the witch hazel. I got a gold bow for our concrete lion and he’s sporting that now, too.

I was so happy after the tree that I re-did the door wreath with gold pearls, red and gold apples and golden bows.

Little darling…here comes the Sun.


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