There’s a Creek in Front of My House


Here in the southern highlands, we are being blessed with abundant rain. The blessing also takes the form of warmish temperatures that result in creeks and rivulets racing downhill to the old river instead of inches of snow to crash the power grid and make driving worse than it already is in this tourist town.

Blessed be!

It is telling that the road along the old river has a fair amount of standing water but the pond that usually forms under the railroad trestle and closes the road is still manageable. I drove it several times today and enjoyed the thrill of water splashing onto the windshield as though I was driving under a waterfall.

The daffodils have begun blooming–more than a month early. We generally have daffs for St. Dafydd’s Day on 1 March. Snowdrops and crocuses are also blooming but they are fickle beasts and seeing them in mid-January is not such a surprise.

I’ve returned, gladly!, to my daily spiritual practice. For nearly four weeks, I’ve shirked my duties in that department and was missing the comfort and the revelation of it.

Do you have a daily spiritual practice? Are you mostly faithful? Do you get results from your devotion?

The added benefit of lighting the candles and burning some incense is that the house smells very nice when I come back from my time in the world of the world. I unlock the front door and step in and there is a ghost of frankincense that greets me.


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