Religious Freedom Day

lutheridge conference
A Sufi, a Muslim and a Wiccan went into a Lutheran conference center

It does sound like a joke, doesn’t it? These are two people of whom I am very fond and we are all involved in interfaith work. That’s how we met each other and it’s the only time we really socialize.

Today was the commemoration of Religious Freedom Day and here’s a link to the President’s proclamation–

Most of us have no real idea of how important and unusual it is to live in a country that guarantees this particular freedom. Certainly, that freedom is imperfectly observed in this nation where the default setting for “religion” is “Protestant Christian” and sometimes stretches as far as “Abrahamic.” If you live in a place or work in a group with wider diversity than that, count yourself lucky and protect it as best you can.

When I first started doing interfaith work–decades ago–interfaith was generally liberal Protestant Christians, a few Catholics and maybe a Jew. We’ve moved well beyond that now but still have miles to go to gracefully and graciously incorporate the full and zany range of spiritual expression in this big country and to also recognize the rights of those who choose not to engage in a spiritual system at all.

After all these years, it’s still a work in progress.


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