Winter to Spring and Back To Winter…then Spring


Here in the highlands of the southern Appalachian mountains we are used to an exuberant weather situation at this time of year. There is almost always a nice thaw around Imbolc and that’s when I put the first batch of onion sets in the ground. In fact, I should be doing that right now, instead of writing in my blog.

Yesterday–if you follow me on Facebook, you know this already–I picked a batch of winter-over greens and vegetables and we had a lovely rich salad at our noon meal–corn mache, creasy greens, carrots, spinach, chard, kale. They were wintered-over with small row covers that are miniature hoop houses. I am careful about when to cover and when to open, so those rows are uncovered today for this bright sunshine and will be fine in the chill nights this week. I did have to water them, though.

I noticed that a row of spinach germinated in the late autumn but didn’t really thrive. I’ll go out today or tomorrow and rake that area up and replant. I had a huge crop of spinach last year–we’re still eating the abundance of that crop–for which I am very grateful.

Lately the world has been such a difficult and complicated place that I find myself practicing some homely self-care. Started pruning back the apples trees yesterday, am conjuring up an embroidery project that I need to get started soon, did a pile of ironing on Monday. There’s so much that we can grieve and be angry about and much of it we can have little or no effect on. That’s the time when I focus on small miracles of smooth napkins and fresh baby greens, good hydration as well as a nice cuppa coffee in the morning.

Preserving one’s sanity is as important as changing the world, sometimes. Don’t you agree?

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