Strange and Gnarly Roots


Lawsy. I will never live long enough to write all the books and stories and poems I want to write. Plus the witchery, gardening and rabble-rousing. Plus reading. I’d cut out the sleeping time but I love sleeping too much.

I’m headed to Britain in July and early August and am trying to get myself organized for the trip. I’ll get accommodation and book my flight soon but for the moment, I’m still trying to figure out exactly where I’m going.

I’m backtracking, you see. I’m trying to trace the origins of Appalachian folk magic (AFM)–Hillfolks’ Hoodoo. I’m going to spend time in the borderlands between England and Scotland, visit friends in Scotland, hop across the sea to Ulster and then finish up presenting at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

I wonder if I’ll get any writing done there or if I’ll make a million notes and write when I get back? I’ve gotten the adapter for my netbook so I’m going to attempt typed notes for the first time, instead of volumes of scrap and text.

Old dog, new tricks.

One of the books will be a sequel of sorts to my first book and that will be the backtracking part. Another book in the queue is “Brigid of the Veil: Remembering How to make a Good Death.” I’ve promised my friend Alan that I’ll do a young person’s book on AFM. I want to do a small flipbook that is blessings and healings in the first half and when you turn it over, the back half is hexes and banes. There’s a Goddess worshiping curriculum that could easily be a text- and work-book.

Is it any wonder I can’t keep up with my dear blog? Please bear with me, gentle reader.


2 thoughts on “Strange and Gnarly Roots

  1. L:ove this blog piece!
    glad your going to Scotland. Good hunting and as you are a great hunter/researcher –
    you’ll find what you want. I’m
    certain and can’t wait for the sequel.


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