Twas the Night Before International Women’s Day

and all through the house, I am wondering if I have some poster board to make an ERA Now! sign for the march tomorrow.

Ever since our wild and wonderful One Billion Rising event, the Asheville Rising group has been discussing how we move forward. For now we are focusing on tomorrow, with a march towards the town center and some speeches and maybe some dancing.

Here’s a link to the whole Intl Women’s Day stuff–

I’m looking down the road, though, trying to figure out how we keep the momentum of this strong year. All those years ago, we thought passing something as no-brainer as an amendment to the US Constitution that guaranteed women the same rights under the law as the ones enjoyed by the fellers would be a piece of cake.

The misinformation campaign that torpedoed the effort was clever, well-organized, successful. And it will rise again–Schlafly is still kicking around and she has powerful friends in high places, even after all these years.  This time around, how will we prepare for the naysayers, the bigots, the misogyny? How do we foresee the unknown? And once it is known, how do we move fast enough, smart enough to counteract the backlash?

I don’t have the answers but someone out there does. Maybe many someones. Maybe all of us.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Celebrate by thinking strategically–with your head and your heart. Remembering your foremothers as well as your descendants.

Power to the women. Power to the people.


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