and then the rains came…


After this lingering chilly winter-spring, it’s been so fine to have some sunshine and warm weather. I managed to get the kitchen garden and the Italian garden planted–I was getting ready for the conference at the weekend but did manage to finish my paper at the beginning of the week, so–garden time!

(I’ll try to write more about the conference in the next few days.  It was really inspiring and fun.)

And that gardening time was just in time.  Those wild rains on Thursday well-watered the radishes, yellow onions and carrots, and they perked up the broccoli and romaine that went into the amended soil of the Kitchen garden.

It’s gotten chilly here now because the dogwoods are blooming. Dogwood winter. Won’t last long and will give those early seedlings a damp cool place in which to sprout and set their perfect roots.

Earth, rain, seed.

Perfection. Life.


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