Leaving Home. Coming Back.


Two conferences three weeks apart. Two papers that are growing into a book (I think). And tomorrow, I meet with my AAA travel adviser to work out flight plans for July.

Holy moly.

Don’t get me wrong–I love to travel. But it’s also planting season–at long last!–and I’m upping my exercise and working on getting fit.

So there’s a chunk of stuff to be done and I’m balancing the outside work and the writing and the tarot reading for clients.

And it’s kind of fun. No, really.

I have a couple of big things to write that require me to think through and know what my feelings are about some big issues. And I’m also anxious to do a write-up on the really neat conference I went to last weekend in Columbia.

Whew. So, I hope you’ll bear with me as I figure out how to order my rich life. I’ll try not to bore you and hope to even amuse you occasionally.

And, hey–it’s almost Earth Day and Beltane–surely I need to rant about that?


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