A Holy Day Every Six Weeks…Except for Now


When you follow the Wheel of the Year–as we call our “liturgical” calendar–you have a holy day about every six weeks. Two Solstices, two Equinoxes and four Cross-Quarter days. You’ve already read here how elegant I find this arrangement…and how exhausting.

One of the most popular Cross-Quarters is coming up. We call it Beltane and you may know it as May Day. Either way, it is a juicy wild romp into the fullness of the growing season and features a Maypole and maybe some Maybaskets and some Maywine. You may, even now, be fluffing up your flower crown in expectation of the day. I know I have.

But then…this weird thing happened to me. I was deeply dissatisfied with how Earth Day looked in the dominant culture. It was too loosey-goosey, too shallow, not worshipful enough for me, as a certified and certifiable dirt worshiper.

So I had the brilliant idea to make it a ninth holy day, with a ritual and appropriate dirt-worship. Seems like a lovely idea until you realize that Earth Day is about 10 days before Beltane.

It can get a little squeezy. Possibly the best thing to do is to make it all a season of Earth worship that begins at Earth Day and culminates in dancing around the Maypole and jumping the balefire. But until then, we’ll do an informal celebration in a public park on Monday. And go all-out on 5/4.

Because, really, when you’re a dirt worshiper, the season is every season and the holy day is every day.


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