A Small Potato

As I left the temple this morning, there was a wet little potato near my car.

And here’s the back story…

We grow potatoes in a wire cage that used to be a large rabbit hutch. As is always the case with these wily critters, I never manage to harvest all of the dirty jewels. Earlier this month, I was cleaning out the wire cage and found a couple of taters that I’d missed in the fall and they were already sprouting.  I brought them in and chopped them up and re-planted them in tidy rows.

And a few days ago, I noticed a great sprout of green tater tops over in the corner.  I had missed another tater! So there’s a rich bed of yummy taters that will be ready to eat, all in good time.

Potatoes being our theme–I am also going to create a couple of potato-and-bird-feather bird scarers for the garden.  I need a couple of smallish round potatoes–like the one near the car this morning.

But that little jewel has several sprouted eyes and I think it is destined for planting, not scaring.



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