Cold Start to Summer…natural


Today we are celebrating Beltane with a public ceremony in a public park.

And it is cold and windy.

Beltane marks the hinge of the year into summer and we are laughing today with the summer-like weather we’re experiencing. High 40s, windy, rain is imminent.

But it often happens like that here in the southern Highlands. The first weekend in May–Derby day, Beltane, my daughter’s birthday, the Herb Festival–are often graced with chilly weather, and sometimes even snow. It is absolutely natural here. In some areas, it’s called “dogwood winter” because the dogwood trees are blooming. And in some areas it is “blackberry winter” because the blackberries are.

It is one last cold snap before we enter into the warm parts of the year and I intend to enjoy this one, even if it means wearing a heavy jacket to our summer ritual. Too soon for my comfort, it will be in the 90s and dry as a bone, so I’ll relish this cool damp weather while I can.

Maybe we’ll be encouraged to dance a little faster today!


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