I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles

and I would walk 500 more.

I love that song.

I can’t actually say I’ve been walking a thousand miles but I have been busy. “Rushed off my feet” as they say. My dear friend Mareena’s dear husband Richard died and we had the memorial, which was very cool.

Then the next day, we went to Boone to see my daughter graduate from university, which was glorious and fun.

And the day after that, we left for the Pagan Unity Festival in Tennessee, where I was teaching, as well as vending. That was great fun.

I’ve managed to get some gardening done this week but am still woefully behind. I have a wedding this weekend and another next weekend and then two gigs with local (local-ish) UU churches. In between all that,  I will plant to okra, the peppers and a few more tomatoes and get ready to leave the country in the middle of July.

So, dear friends, if you don’t see me around here, go find me on Facebook.  I am hopeful of doing lots of blogging from Britain so you may be sick of me by the middle of August!


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