Breaking All the Rules

Since I was a little kid, I’ve planted by a simple set of guidelines. Root crops are planted on a dark Moon (waning) and above-ground crops are planted in the light of the Moon (waxing Moon). Lots of folks have more elaborate planting systems than that, having to do with astrological signs.

But I learned those simple rules, early on and have stuck with them. Onions, carrots, beets, radishes, taters–dark of the Moon. Corn, cukes, maters, squash, beans–light of the Moon.

Until this week.

The beds are ready and so is the weather. I planted root crops during the last dark of the Moon but then I missed the light of the Moon because of travel and preparation for travel. So yesterday I planted some root crops–radishes and more beets–and held my breath as I also planted corn, cucumbers, sunflowers and okra.

Scofflaw. Reprobate.

Given my travel schedule, I was afraid I’d never get those crops in. And corn is tricky even if you get it in the ground at the right time. Still, I’m taking a chance that the germination rate will be off a bit and maybe the yield won’t be as high.

But if they don’t come up at all–I’ll let you know.


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