Sometimes Omens are Clear

In an effort to live a nice long life and not gain twenty pounds while writing my next book, I take a walk most days.

(During the writing and publication of “Staubs and Ditchwater”, I did indeed gain 20 pounds. I have since lost my book “baby” weight and would prefer not to repeat the gain/lose process with this new book, thank you very much.)

I walk through my neighborhood which has the advantage of clearing my mind, getting me some exercise and giving me more familiarity with my neighbors and their pretty front gardens.

I learned today that Juneberries (sarviceberries) are ripening up now–and I even ate a few of them in my rambling. I saw how lovely the roses were in our community garden.

The omen sightings began as I started up the steep hill that leaves me breathless when I reach the top. First a pair of bluebirds zoomed directly in front of me and into the bushes across old Roberts St.

I stopped for a chat with a neighbor’s visiting mother–who was planning to make strawberry jam today–and turned back to the edge of the street, only to spy a sleek black form in the white clover. A black snake almost three feet long but slender still from a lean winter.

I reminded her that it would be well with her to keep to the tall grass and not try to cross the busy roadway. She was uninterested in my advice and I returned to the little hill and home.

Blue birds. Black snake.

Good omens on a nice walk.


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