Meeting the Author


I went up to Malaprop’s tonight to hear Alex Bledsoe talk about and read from his new Tufa novel “Wisp of a Thing.” I met Alex at Pagan Unity this year and am reading the first of the Tufa novels “The Hum and the Shiver.” I really like his conversational style and also his ability to bring a place to life.

He talked about his writing process, as one does at such things, and I found myself thinking about my recent slackassery when it comes to writing. O, I get my work in on time for my freelance assignments and I do my best for those. But my own writing has gotten snowballed with all the research for this new book and I found myself missing my mornings of writing.

I found a note a few days ago that said–structure your day to include writing, a long walk, some garden time.

Where has that notion gotten to? My writers’ group meets on Sunday and I have nothing to show for it that isn’t already up on one or the other of my blogs.

I suspect this trip will give me some time to think through the patchwork of my life and see what wants to stay and what needs to go. And all that writing I love? It gets to stay.

I am planning to blog from the road and also plan to do some no-agenda writing. I think I can manage that.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Author

    • I’m not sure about that last one–it will depend on if there is someone to video with my wee little camera. But I am going to try to blog very regularly. Love to you, B Yaga.

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