I am spoiled–there was no free wi-fi at the Atlanta airport

Honestly. The wanted me to pay $4.95 for a day’s worth of wi-fi when I was only going to be there a couple of hours. I refused, on principle.

ATL to Heathrow 006

My seatmate on the way was a woman who loved history and we chatted about that. She was reading a book about the Endeavor. My seatmate on the flight to Heathrow was a young med student from Mexico City. She was coming to London for her first time and she was alone and very excited. It was delightful to talk to he–it gave me some extra added excitement of my own.

I took the bus from Heathrow to Oxford and found my lodgings easily. I’m settled in at Liddell Building where they do have wi-fi, thank you very much, but they do not have ac and it is very hot.

I am having an easy day of it today and will tackled the #3 bus service tomorrow to do to the city center. I can’t get too comfortable here because I am heading to the rail station on Saturday morning, trying out my BritRail Pass and heading for Scotland. I get 2 days with a colleague Elinor Predota, then east to see Kate Laity and her young man and a friend of mine through them. Both these stops promise to be fun.


4 thoughts on “I am spoiled–there was no free wi-fi at the Atlanta airport

  1. Happy travels! I wish ye luck and not-too-challenging times. Just enough challenge to be fun, of course. Enjoy the islands!

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