where to begin


I’ve spent the better part of the day dodging the other tourists and running errands. Isn’t that funny? Not unlike what I do at home, except there I am not a tourist. I got a late start because I slept in but then felt really refreshed for my walk.  Over the Magdalen Bridge where I peeked into the river and onto the High Street. I was heading for lunch, Carphone Warehouse, the post office, the Bodleian and finishing at Sainsbury’s for some snacks for tonight.

I’ve made lots of pictures already and at some point will have to upload them to my thumb drive or onto Dropbox, where I think I still have an account.

Walking into the city center, I stayed on the shady side of the street and was fairly cool. There is a bit of a breeze, thank goodness. I had a pot of tea and a chicken wrap at a smallish restaurant and sat by the door to enjoy the breeze.

The streets are full of ambling people with cameras. My preference is to look like a Very Busy Person Who Belongs when I am traveling. I’m one of those people that gets asked directions in cities not my own. But today I relaxed into being a Sight-Seer and that was pleasant. No pretense of being something I’m not. It’s a sunny day in a beautiful city–who wouldn’t make photos on a day like this?

I wandered up Cornmarket and listened to a four-piece trad group that reminded me of The Red Wellies a bit.  I dropped some coins in their fiddle case for good luck and to bless the makers of music–something we should do when we can.

A very nice fellow at Carphone Warehouse steered me onto a burner phone that will do for contacting my friends here. In fact, I already have contacted two of them. It will make the coordination of visits a lot easier, I think.

The Magical Books exhibit was terrific. And I hadn’t realized Tolkien’s Fall of Arthur had come out–that was a sweet surprise. I didn’t get it at the Bodley bookstore though, since it’s hard-cover and I have miles ahead of me. If it isn’t in the US yet, it soon will be.

I also saw a copy of the Malleus Maleficarum. It would have been even more horrifying but for the fact that a standing fan in the corner at that spot blew cool air down my back. I lingered at that case for quite a while.

Stopped in a pub after the post office and had a Pimms Cup which was nice and cool. The man who served me at the post office remarked on how nice it is to stay connected by sending post cards and how thoughtful it was to remember friends back home.

The post office also had air-conditioning so the wait and the conversation were very pleasant.

I went by 21 Merton Street on my way back to the Iffley Road and paid my respects to the old Gaffer. If I had thought, I would have brought some flowers.

Sainsbury’s for a cold supper and some snacks and I think I’ll be holed up here until I leave for Scotland tomorrow. My feet can use the rest and I think I can feel the first gentle hints of writing returning to my mind. Or soul. Or wherever that is housed.


3 thoughts on “where to begin

  1. I’m finally settling into Mérida, Spain for the summer, learning much and finding many stories within, waiting to be told. I look forward to reading more of your adventures. -J

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