I May be Addicted to Sausage Rolls


This is not a sausage roll. It is a Full English Breakfast. There is a sausage, however.

I know, right? as the kids say.

Sausage rolls–for the uninitiated, for the sausage roll virgins amongst you–are these odd take-away foods that are ubiquitous in England. You can get one at Tesco’s or the village baker or almost anywhere.  A sausage rolled up with pastry. Simple enough. The real skill comes in the sort of pastry.  I had a hot one today from a place called Burn the Bread and the pastry was flaky and light and perfect. Others have not been quite so comestible, but I et them anyway.

And I may have to have one more from Burn tomorrow.

Aside from that confession, friends, I am here to report that the Goddess Conference has well and truly begun.  Kick-off ceremonies this morning featured the mayor of Glastonbury’s warm welcome and a gift of flowers for Conference founder Kathy Jones.

Everyone was beautiful in their flowing clothes and enormous orange flower crowns. I felt quite dowdy in my travel clothes. I’ll get dolled up for the Lammas ritual tomorrow, I suppose. But I am not one for “Goddess attire” unless there’s a reason. I prefer to be comfortable and warm or dry or cool, depending on the weather.

Which has been quite changeable here. Rainy and cool, then muggy, then rainy and cool again. Now it is sunny and cool and I really should be going down for the first main ritual but I am skiving off and catching up on writing and correspondence and…well, resting. I’ve been travelling (which includes a lot of walking) for almost two weeks and my feet were ready for a break. As were my legs, my back and my stiff shoulders.  

Perhaps I’ll schedule a massage for Thursday, my next free-ish day.

I am somewhat dehydrated–not drinking nearly enough plain water and drinking too much tea. So I’m remedying that today, too, by keeping my little Buxton water bottle refilled.

Tomorrow, the workshops begin. I scoped out the room where I’ll be doing mine on Saturday. It’s very nice. A few people have signed up for it, so I may have enough handouts to hand out.

My b&b (which does not run to the delicious breakfast seen above, by the way) overlooks the Chalice Well gardens and the Red Spring. I went in briefly yesterday to scatter some ashes–don’t tell–and am trying to decide if I want to go back for a lengthy visit.

I’ll let you know.


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