Perfectly Beautiful Weather



It has been cool and sunny here today–perfect weather for a gathering. There were elders here and a new baby and all of us who fall on the in-between of that spectrum of good life.

Food was eaten and enjoyed and stories were shared and tales that everyone already knew were retold and enjoyed again. Blurry photos of people who are now Ancestors were peered at and small children who are now grandparents themselves were identified by their peers.

There was sadness and near-new grief. There was joy and the sort of ferocity that only an almost 3 year old can produce. Patient dogs were made over and then ignored, their toys borrowed by little humans.

Spiderman football happened in the backyard with running and shouting and the occasional tackle. When it came time to do the Photo, there was an army of plastic superheroes at the bottom of the steps reminding us of who we really are.

Who you really are, too.  As we face uncertain futures–but futures we know will be chockful of glad tidings as well as heartbreak–we need to remember that we are superheroes, too. Those people who feed their families and mow the grass. Who work hard and play hard and find ways to finally forgive.

Even if you aren’t wearing a bright cape or tights, you are doing yeoman’s work in your world. Bit by bit, story by story and life by life.

Well done, you.


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