I’m Being Followed by a Moon Shadow

ImageMoon shadow? Moon shadow.

She’s almost Full again, our beloved satellite. I posted a little thing on Facebook about today being Moon-day and I remembered how–on the long drive up here–the Moon seemed to be waxing even as we watched. A little bigger every time the cloud-cover shifted.

What is it about the Moon that seems so cool but also friendly?  Babies and little children love to wave at the Moon–that big Face in the sky that follows them wherever they travel.

My best friend in college used to blow a kiss to the Full Moon–for luck and love. I started doing that, too, and when my daughter came along we always looked for the Moon and Her phase and Her splendid face.

Those of you who have visited me table at festivals or come to one of my workshops know that my Village Witch self loves to give away miniature Moon Pies as park of my mountain witchery theme.

We know now that it isn’t made of green cheese after all but we still see a Man there, or a person with a bundle of sticks or a hare. We imbue this closest of planets with the power of myth and the lure of magic.

When I do my Deep Grounding workshop–which is coming up in September– one of the exercises I teach is a technique for capturing lunar energies for magical work. In my interfaith work, I met a woman from a California Indian tribe who explained that in her tribe –and others–the women didn’t work on the Full Moon but gathered in the sacred energy and recharged their batteries for the month to come.

I like the idea of recharging. After a month on the road, grounding and recharging seems like it is definitely in order.


One thought on “I’m Being Followed by a Moon Shadow

  1. I love the moon also. I couldn’t wait to teach my daughter about the moon and all of Her beautiful phases. At first she would yell at me, “no mom, it is not a waxing gibbous! It’s the MOON!” haha like I was the dumbass. I really LOVE the idea of recharging by the energy of the full moon.

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