Days of Bright Wild Leaves

Lake Eden

Lake Eden


Western North Carolina is a land of summer camps, many of them church-owned or church-related.  When Summer bids the land here a fond farewell, these camps are used for all sorts of intriguing programs.

This past week and weekend, I was at this big camp with over a thousand other women for the Southeast Wise Woman Herbal Conference. I’ve been fortunate to attend this conference for a number of years and began as a classroom moderator and teacher-helper and for the last three years have been a teacher myself.

These clear days in the company of women are as close as I come to a vacation.  I sleep in a long room with a dozen other women, in clunky bunkbeds with noisy plastic mattresses.  The lodge has a kitchen and a big fireplace and there are comfy couches in the great room.  I don’t have to cook and the food is pretty good, and I know some of the teachers and some of the attendees every year.

I taught three classes this year–Appalachian Cove Healing, Rites of Passage and Finding Your Own Myth.  We had a good time at each class and I got some very nice comments on the material.

So, I’m back in Samhainland now and have a fat calendar of the next few weeks so that I don’t forget to do something that needs to be done.

Samhain is a busy time here in the southern highlands. I’m grateful for my mini-vacation at the herb conference and the deep sense of grounding and belonging that it always brings me.


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